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  • Bronchitis Medicine - Some Alternative Bronchitis Medicines
    If you have bronchitis and want to get well quickly, then you might want to take a look at some alternative bronchitis medicines.
  • Pollution: Checking the Damages Caused to the Respiratory System
    Bronchitis: Bronchitis refers to membrane inflammation.
  • Cure a Cough / Bronchitis Naturally
    About 12 years ago, I had a horrible case of bronchitis.
  • What Can Affect Our Lungs?
    The acute bronchitis lasts somewhere between two and six weeks, whereas the chronic form can last even up to three years.
  • What Are the Health Risks of Smoking?
    Illnesses that relate to breathing such as emphysema and bronchitis are caused or made worse by smoking.
  • What's Good For Bronchitis?
    Acute bronchitis is characterized by a slight fever that may last for a few days to weeks, and is often accompanied by a cough that may persist for several weeks.
  • Herbal Medicines For Common Breathing Problems
    Chronic bronchitis is more serious and can last for months, getting progressively worse.
  • Decongesting Bronchitis The Natural Way
    The symptoms of chronic bronchitis are much the same as those of acute bronchitis, but chronic bronchitis recurs frequently, and can be treated but not completely cured.
  • Get Rid of Your Cough Faster By Understanding What's Causing It
    Most often, a person will experience significant coughing when experiencing the common cold, the flu, or bronchitis.
  • Useful Herbal Ingredients For Treating Bronchitis
    This condition can either be acute or chronic: Acute bronchitis is generally caused by viral or bacterial infection, and may also be brought about by irritation from environmental pollution like fumes, acids, solvents, or tobacco smoke.
  • About Prescribing Antibiotics for Acute Bronchitis
    We must mention that acute bronchitis is the recent onset of a productive cough in a patient without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sinusitis or pneumonia.
  • Salt Therapy and its European well-known beneficial effects in
    Halotherapy as a treatment of asthma and chronic bronchitis and.
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